The PROJECT [r]evolution Conference will take place at AUT University on August 30 and 31 this year. 

The conference will examine how digital social media bring change (revolution) through massive upheaval (the Arab Spring, Occupy etc) and development (evolution) through innovation and survival of the fittest (Facebook versus Google etc).

World-renowned speakers include: Alec Ross (who was president Obama's social media election strategist and now works for Hillary Clinton), Emily Banks (associate editor for Mashable) and Google’s California-based global ambassador, Michael T. Jones.

Business, government and academic speakers include Prof Jim Macnamara (University of Sydney, former company founder/director), Prof Graham Murdock (Loughborough University, renowned media analyst), Christopher Barger, from Voce (formerly with GM and IBM) and Dan Neely (Wellington Emergency Management Office).

Conference partners, AUT University, the US Embassy, Wellington, and Social Media NZ have launched the website  where delegates can register for a restricted number of places.

The PROJECT [r]evolution is  “a collision of thought on social media and digital communication” .  This Centre within the University, has been a catalyst for the increased use of social media into our classrooms, both as a learning tool and a topic for research and analysis.  It makes sense that we bring this critical view into a conference setting, and bring together the very different views of innovators, marketers, media analysts and those with a political perspective.

The event is underwritten and sponsored by AUT University with sponsoring partner, the US Embassy in NZ, and includes a third partner/advisor, John Lai of Social Media NZ

Some of the other speakers are:
“The Future of the Social web” – Thomas Scovell, Clemenger
“Revolution in Government” – Anthony Deos
“Copyright protection in our connected world” – Rick Shera, Lowndes Jordan  (What SOPA/PIPA mean)
“When disaster strikes: Digital in times of darkness” – Dan Neely
“Digital dilemmas: why we need an ethical [r]evolution” – Assoc Prof Martin Hirst 
“The Emotion – how digital shifts minds for market brands” – Julian Smith, BRR Ltd 
“The rise of mobile” – Paul Brislen, TUANZ
“The Revolution of Data - The Science of Data in Digital” – Hayden Raw, Common Room
“The tomorrow is now and it belongs to interactivity” – Richard McManus  and several more.

Topics and speaking panels are still evolving.  Visit the website
for the up to date programme and to register for this event.

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Excellent! I admire all the helpful data you've shared in your articles. I'm looking forward for more helpful articles from you. :)

Joseph Aidan

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It looks to be a exciting conference with the topic and the member panel who are coming for discussion.

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